Margarita RX

No, I don’t self medicate, RX stands for rocks!

These recipe can be used for frozen also. When making your margarita, use this as a guide but always taste and adjust accordingly. Use less water for a more intense flavor.

Margarita Mix 1  (best and easiest to use for both RX and Frozen)
12 oz can Minute Made Limeade
2 oz of Roses Lime (approx)

This can be stored for a couple of week. Don’t add water to mix. Add the water when making your cocktail

Margarita Mix 2  (my favorite –Citrus Aide)
Ratio: 6 limes
2 Lemons
2 Oranges
Squeeze the citrus fruits into a container. Add simple syrup to create a Citrus-aide Margarita Mix
Simple Syrup– warm 2/3 water and add 1/3 sugar to melt sugar. Once cooled, add to Citrus fruit mixture. If you add while it is still warm, you will lose citrus flavor.
Make Citrus aide to taste.

Margarita Mix 3  (second favorite)
Squeeze key limes, add agave nectar. Make to taste.

Margarita RX
1 shot glass of Margarita Mix
1 shot glass of Tequila
1/2 shot glass of water
1/2 -3/4 shot of Triple sec (add more for sweeter margarita)

Shake, and pour over ice is a margarita glass. Make to taste. Do not use a wine glass or high ball glass. Just kidding.

Frozen Margarita
1 shot glass of Margarita Mix
7 oz of crushed ice
2 oz of frozen fruit
1 shot of Tequila
1/2 shot of triple sec
1/2 shot of frozen fruit matching liqueur*

* For mango margaritas use frozen mango and mango liqueur, frozen strawberries –use strawberry, frozen blueberries—use blueberry….duh. : 0 )


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