Texas Chowgirl’s Pomarita


This year, at our annual Give Party with The Gypsy Wagon, that benefits The Rise School of Dallas, we decided to serve up some Pomegranate Margaritas as our specialty cocktail for the event. One of the shoppers asked me what my secret was, and I told her that even though it should remain a secret that I would share. ha!

So here are the secrets to make these delicious, now coined by Carley of The Gypsy Wagon, Pomaritas.

Note: Don’t skimp on the pomegranate liquor. I already tried the cheap stuff for you and you will want to pass on it… unless you think cough syrup is delicious. If you are going to skimp, you can on the tequila. A good, inexpensive, one is Sauza.


Pom (pomegranate juice)

PAMA (pomegranate liquor)

Tequila (any brand but I love Sauza)

Triple sec

Margarita mix ( Central Market makes the best fresh squeezed when you can’t squeeze your own)


Shake together:

1 1/4 oz margarita mix

1 oz tequila

1/2 oz PAMA

1/2 oz POM

1/4 triple sec

Shake and serve over ice with a sugar (for Claire) or salt rim. Enjoy!


Jalepeno Corn Dip

This came in an email to me and some friends from my sister.

Okay– this one is so good and so easy, I thought I would share with everyone!

Jalapeno Corn Dip (warm)
8 oz. cream cheese
1/3 -1/2 cup frozen organic corn
1/4 cup chopped jalapenos (jar) with some juice (to make it a less thick and spicier)

Add all ingredients to one bowl and Microwave until heated through. Stir. (may need to do this a few times– heat, stir, heat, stir)

Serve warm with with tortilla chips!  YUM!!
I bet someone will ask for the complicated recipe!!

Merry Christmas all!

Need ideas for your Christmas celebrations?

My sister rocks at this. This is her list. Did I mention she trained at the French Culinary Institute? My girl knows food!. I would love your comments for ideas. For some reason, my mind always goes blank when I try to think of things to serve. Gratefully, I can easily refer to this list now!

–Sushi (only veggie or California rolls– don’t want seafood sitting out)—- always a hit!
— Olive tampenade with goat cheese on crustini.  (very easy, make tampenade ahead of time.  Toast just before party.  Spread tampenade on sliced french bread top with goat cheese and bake for  few minutes, until cheese looks like it is melting.  (Bring tampenade to room temp– take out of frig morning of party).  YUMMY– always a crowd pleaser
–Mini crab cakes — always a hit
–Crab dip– the real stuff
–Pizza dip, serve with pita points
–Brie with pesto and toasted almonds serve with crackers
–Pimento cheese with crackers, on sliced half (lengthwise) jalapeno, or with celery
–Candied/Spiced Pecans——– yummy (any left overs — save them for a salad!)
–Deviled eggs– a must.  For those who are on a low carb diet   (Fun twist– cut eggs in half at the fat part, not the length.  You may want to cut a little off the bottom, so the don’t slide on plate.  Makes them look more elegant to me!)   Top with caviar on some if you like.
–Veggies with ranch.  Seems dull, but I still love it.  Plus it is very colorful  (Cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, carrots….. )
–Smoked Salmon with crackers/bread  (chopped red onion, boiled eggs, capers, lemon, cream cheese)
-Dates with bacon—– VERY easy and good.  Dates (seedless) dried.  Wrap with bacon– bake until bacon is done.
–Warm goat cheese with marinara served with bread
–Warm goat cheese spread with thyme.  served with bread
–Guacamole with chips– YUM
–Goat cheese on puff pastry squares or circles with sliced apples on top, garnish with thyme
–Spanakopita   Phyllo /spinach/red onion/feta/dill/salt/pepper/butter—– a little time consuming
–Texas Caviar  with blue chips (Salsa with either black-eyed peas or black beans– dress it up a bit– cilantro, garlic,  etc….)
–9 layer bean dip
–Hummus with pita
— Caprese’  Tomato/fresh mozz/fresh basil (or pesto) salad– with balsamic drizzle
–Mini quesadillas– black bean and goat cheese/  shrimp/cheddar
–Shrimp cocktail with cocktail (only with good shrimp)
–Chicken salad with bread/crackers (Chicken, candied pecans, blue cheese (if you want), mayo, grapes, salt/pepper)——– again, if someone is on low carb

-Chocolate dipped strawberries
-carrot cake cupcakes

–Sangria (yummy– drinks for the masses at very little cost!)
–Champagne drinks–  Royal Kir with fresh berries or I like to use frozen (keeps drink cold)  — put Chambord in with frozen berries, put into bottom of wine glass, then pour champagne.

Winging it buffalo style

 For the oven friend Chicken Wings

-2 Tablespoons salt

-2 cups warm water

-2 cups four

-2 teaspoons of salt

-1/4 cup butter (1/2 stick)

Buffalo Sauce:

– 3 Table Spoons Cayenne Pepper sauce (Texas Pete is best! and it is made in NC)

-2 Table Spoons Melted Butter

Blue Cheese Dressing ( I make this to taste)

Crumbled Blue Cheese ( approx. 1/2 cup)
Sour Cream (approx. 1/2 cup)
Mayonaise (approx. 1/2 cup)
Italian Dressing (approx. 1 TBS bottled or powdered mix)
Half and Half (approx. 1 TBS)
Dashes of Pepper Sauce
Salt and Pepper


-Celery and/or Carrots


Combine 2 TBS of Salt with warm water in a large bowl (large enough to hold chicken wings). After salt dissolves, add chicken. Add cold water to cover the chicken and top off with ice. Refrigerate at least 4 hours or overnight.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Drain chicken and pat dry. Place salt and flour in brown or plastic bag. Place a few wings in at a time to coat. Shake off excess flour. Repeat with all pieces.

Put butter on a sheet pan and put into oven until it melts. Place chicken skin side down onto the pan with melted butter. Cook up to 40 minutes. Flip and bake for about another 20 minutes (based on wing size).

Once chicken is done, take out and douse into the Buffalo Sauce mixture.

Directions for Buffalo Sauce:

Microwave pepper sauce and butter together

Directions Blue Cheese Dressing:

Mix all ingredients and taste—adjust accoringly.