Kitchen Sink Sangria

Start with a great container, like a big glass punch bowl or an oversize glass cookie jar. Pour a big jug of Paisano wine by Carlo Rossi. It is an  inexpensive  way to refresh many of your guests and so perfect for your red sangria.

Then add what you have on hand. While in a restaurant  in Spain, I watched the service folks add gin, triple sec, sugar and freshly cut fruit. There are so many recipes that are just a google click away.


What I do is use some of the same flavoring agents—otherwise know as flavored liqueurs that I use for my margaritas. On of my favorites that I have added has been a raspberry liqueur that I have swirled in my mango margaritas. You can use almost anything.Oh, and flavored brandy’s are great. Cherry comes to mind….


Continue to flavor your sangria with juice. Orange juice is the “safest” bet but be creative!

Fresh Fruit

Traditional sangria’s have fruit floating in them. If the apples and oranges have soaked in the wine long enough, they become a snack—packed with a punch. Fresh fruit makes the overall presentation pretty too!

What I do

For me, I start with the wine, add juice (almost always orange) add the flavoring agents of choice and then dunk the fruit. I never use the same measurement ratios twice and it is always a hit at my parties. Taste as you mix and adjust accordingly—that would be my recommendation.

Don’t forget to save some to swirl into your frozen lime margaritas!

Would love to hear from you about your favorite (and not so favorite) combinations.


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