Jitas and Ritas

My mother in law can rock a kitchen like no other. Her cooking inspires us all.

While visiting for the 4th, she threw down some fajitas with my brother in law as her sous chef.

Her recipe thankfully is not a secret, so here goes:

Marinade for both the meat and the veggies:

Soy sauce

Canola Oil

Lemon juice

Celery Salt

Garlic Salt

Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

Meat: use chicken, beef or both.  Veggies: use onions, red bell peppers, green bell peppers (and yellow too!)

She, or her sous chef, cooks the meats and veggies separately on the grill.  She serves them with charro beans (recipe on page 142 of Matt Martinez Mex Tex), shredded sharp cheddar, flour tortillas homemade pico de gallo and homemade quacamole.

Her homemade guacamole is as follows—to taste)

mashed avocado

a bunch of fresh lemon juice

garlic salt


mayonnaise ( I was surprise by this. I haven’t ever used mayo in mine but it is GREAT!)


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