Enchiladas Ole !

Do you love to sample new products in grocery stores? I admit, I just love it. It’s fun and FREE!

For a host of reasons, I get really excited about local products—not just with food but for nearly everything. So when I asked “Mary” if this enchilada sauce I was about to try was local, she said “yes, we are based in Fort Worth”. I said, “Oh, so this is your sauce?”. Yes, she said.

Our conversation continued about her launch of a new product and getting into stores. As she is talking — I am thinking about how I have to convince her to come and speak at a Think Tank Society meeting…. as I WATCH her magically take a corn tortilla, whip it around in some sauce, and roll it with cheese and onions into this amazing looking and SMELLING snack that I am about to sink my chompers into.

It left me spinning. The sauce is amazing. I don’t use that term lightly and I really don’t want to do reviews of products unless they are stellar. As Mary told me, this is restaurant quality available at the supermarket. Truly, the sauce is BETTER than even some of the great Tex-Mex restaurants around here.

With everything on my “plate”, I still try to have a   meat less each week—not  always on Monday. This is a great Meat less Monday option. You won’t feel deprived! Although my husband loved it so much, he did say—“wow…what would it be like if it had meat in it?”…(somethings are SLOW to change)

If you need a little help using her sauce, she has instructional videos on her site. Talk about a value add!

Enchiladas Ole is available in Central Market and Whole Foods….. and coming soon to everywhere else. Not only is Mary a rockstar in the kitchen she’s got some business savvy too.  Watch out world!