Sunflower Brownie

IMG_1379.JPGDon’t you love reasons to get creative? What’s better is when your vision comes pretty close to what you envisioned!

One of my daughters teachers has brownies listed as her favorite dessert. She also listed sunflowers as her favorite flower.

There is a brownie recipe that I discovered (and loved) several years ago. I loved the idea of “scratch” brownies and there was a great recipe on the back of Swans Down Cake Flour Box. I cut  it off and use it all of the time. I omit the Mint extract and add extra vanilla. Holla!FullSizeRender (12).jpg

So of course this time, I poured it in a round cake pan to make the center of the flower.

Then I researched a lemon cookie recipe that “seemed” good… and it is/was once I remembered to add the sugar. (oh dear…)

Lemon cookie recipe:

I haphazardly shaped the cookies into petal shapes and instead of crystal sugar I made a lemon cream glaze to make it more vibrant for the petals. For the lemon glaze I used powdered sugar and half and half. I mixed it well and then added lemon juice and yellow food coloring gel.

It was so fun and I think it looks adorable. After a careful quality assurance (lol) of the cookie taste and texture, I wanted to post this so I could recreate and find it later.

Yum and FUN!